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Swing Door Trailers difference is purely dimensional. Swing Doors open up giving you the largest opening for loading and unloading.

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Roll Door Trailers offer the benefit of being able to open and close the door without having to pull it away from the dock

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When you need to storage for items that have to be climate controlled the refrigerated storage trailers are it.

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Buying or Renting a Used Semi Trailer: The Oklahoma City Storage Trailer Checklist

A semi trailer is nothing more than a portable storage box on wheels. However, the moment you need some of your items stored, you quickly realize that renting or purchasing a semi trailer is a valuable option.

Why Buy a Semi Trailer for Storage?

Oklahoma CIty Storage trailers provide a few key advantages over self-storage units, containers, or other methods of storage.For long term users, buying a used semi trailer makes sense. For temporary storage, renting storage trailers might be a better option.

1.     Mobility – There are no other forms of storage that can be moved as easily. Why do you think so many companies and business rent semi trailers from us as opposed to containers or warehouses? It is ultimately more mobile and that provides greater opportunity to access your equipment where and when you need it.

2.     Dry – Most storage units don’t leak from their roofs (hopefully!) but an additional advantage to Oklahoma City Storage Trailers is that they are kept off the ground so running or standing water has less of a chance to soak your personal items or goods.

3.     Secure – Most storage trailers have swing doors on them that have 4, 1 inch diameter bars that open and close the doors. Putting a lock on them makes them very secure for your goods or equipment. We also have roll up door trailers if your location requires it.

4.     Cost Effective – Typically purchasing a semi trailer can be a wise investment. For example, a storage trailer can cost anywhere from 3500 to 6500 for most makes, years, and models. Storage trailers tend to hold their value very well after a certain age and depreciate slowly on resale value. Look around, you’ll be surprised to find a better rate than that.

Oklahoma City Storage Trailer Checklist

So now you understand why you should rent or buy a storage trailer (hopefully from Oklahoma City Storage Trailers, but anyone is good if it helps you!), now let’s go through what you need to consider before buying or renting a storage trailer.

1.     Floor Integrity – The quality of the floor is by far the most important consideration to make when purchasing a Oklahoma City semi trailer, especially for storage. If the floor is bad, the resale value is next to nothing because repairing floors are costly and take a lot of time. Check the floor for bowing, separated wood, and any apparent chips and dents will weaken the integrity of the floor. If there is enough, it is not worth purchasing.

2.     Roof Integrity – It is important to examine the roof to make sure it is not leaking. It is not uncommon for there to be repaired roof holes in a trailer that is being used for storage, however, too many holes may mean a bad roof and wet stored items in your future. It is important to thoroughly examine the roof to see if there is any water or daylight coming through. At Oklahoma City Storage trailers, we always run a trailer through our maintenance shop to ensure there are no leaks if you are purchasing it for storage. We do this free of charge, because our commitment to our customers is more important than your money.

3.     Brakes, Tires – Brakes and tires are not important if you only plan on moving it a short distance, and not moving it often, however, brakes and tires are one of the most used pieces of equipment on a semi trailer, and they need to be replaced most often. If you plan on moving it around a lot, be sure to make sure the brakes are 50% or better, and that the tires are 50% or better as well.

4.     Door Integrity – The door is not an important piece of equipment on a trailer except for the fact that it is the only way to get into the trailer. As simple as that sounds, Security and Accessibility are the biggest factors a door brings to the table. Secure trailers have fully functional door hinges, and hooks to allow the trailer to be closed and a lock put over the hook. On the accessibility, it is important the door opens smoothly and easily. An easy door means easy access when you need your equipment or personal items.

5.     Price – Price is an important factor and it is hard to know what you should pay for a storage trailer in Oklahoma City or anywhere else for that matter. What most people do not realize who are not in the semi trailer industry is that prices of semi trailers fluctuate with supply and demand much like the price of gas. As supply and demand move back and forth, it effects the price of used semi trailers and their worth. Currently, we are seeing a large shortage of used equipment in the semi trailer industry and it is difficult to find ANY trailer that sells for less than 5000 that is the 48’ storage trailer 10 years ago, the price for a storage trailers was half of that price, now it is double and will most likely not change in the next few years until the economy stabilizes.

What to Do Now?

Hopefully, if you are still reading, you are looking to buy a semi trailer in Oklahoma City or in other cities. We have many storage trailers for sale or rent. We can help you further in your search process. We would love to sell you a trailer, but it is more important to us that we help you with your search and serve you. For immediate help, contact us now.

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